The Rafael Ltd R-200 EPS is an Electric Propulsion System consisting of R-200 Hall Effect thruster (HET) with Xenon and Krypton as propellants.

The system also includes power processing unit and propellant management assembly. The space-qualified R-200 EPS is an improved version of the Rafael’s R-400 EPS.

The non-conventional configuration of having an elongated discharge channel and co-axial anodes helps overcome the low mass utilization efficiency issues. The system is fully space-qualified and has been subjected to vibration, shock and full lifetime tests.

During the development phase, the thruster underwent proof-of-concept tests, selection of wall material, experimental and numerical validation of physical mechanisms, performance testing, and thermal, magnetic and structural simulations of thruster engineering model.

The engineering model was produced and mapped for full performance during this phase, followed by a Qualification Model (QM) production of the thruster. The QM is tested for a steady state performance characterization, shock and vibration test, ignition tests and a 75 kN-sec (1,500-hrs) endurance test.


  • Orbit keeping and drag compensation for LEO, altitude as low as 350 km
  • Suitable for formation-flying missions of micro-satellites
  • Accurate and precise final orbit insertion after separation from launcher
  • Suitable for mission orbit change and disposal deorbit at end of life

Key features

  • Xenon and Krypton as propellants
  • System consists of:
    • R-200 Hall thruster unit
    • Power Processing Unit (PPU)
    • Propellant Management Assembly (PMA) 
  • Space-qualified
  • an improved version of the Rafael’s R-400 EPS


Production, testing and inspection facilities:

  • Clean rooms (more than 1000 m²)
    • Clean Room Component Level
    • Clean Room PS-AIT
  • Metal Technology Center
    • CAD/CAM, CNC machining
    • Electro-Erosion
    • Forming, hydro-spinning, deep hot and cold-drawing
    • Surface treatment, heat treatment
    • Welding (EBW, GTAW, GMAW, plasma), brazing
    • Cutting, bending and flaring of titanium tubes
  • Hot Firing test facility which includes 5 Firing Chambers
    • Chambers for 1÷10 N class thrusters
    • Chamber for high-trust thrusters and/or system tests
    • Chamber for Hall effect thruster & EP system firing
  • Ground support equipment for testing components and systems
  • GSE propulsion systems electrical tester

Testing & qualification

Rafael Quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015/AS9100D. The quality policy of Rafael is derived from the common space quality standards, especially from ESA. Rafael ensures 100% inspection on the space products from the raw materials used to final integration. ERP integrated quality system enables full traceability from raw material to the delivered item.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

R-200 EPS - Plug & Play Propulsion System



5 to 14 mN
specific impulse
800 to 1300 s
total impulse
> 150 kN s
input power
140 to 350 W


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