The Redwire Argus Vision System is a camera system for spaceflight situational awareness, navigation, inspection, and visual applications. This space camera system is a modular, software-defined, imaging system built upon a set of COTS hardware qualified for space applications, with options to meet customer-defined, mission-specific requirements. Argus offers a family of imaging options that include up to 3 interchangeable 13 MP MIPI camera heads and a variety of lens configurations.

Key features of the system include:

  • Controller/camera menu options
    • Native interface Options: 802.11N WiFi, USB2.0, and 1000T Ethernet
    • Command, file transfer, and streaming options: WiFi, GigE, USB, RS-422
    • Input Power Range: 5V to 36V DC
    • Modes: Vis, Vis/NIR, SWIR
    • Supports 1, 2, or 3 camera heads
  • Standard features (upgradeable to customer-driven options)
    • Supports streaming and stored 4K UHD Video @ 30 fps
    • Onboard processing: 8 Core GPU Vision Processor (64-bit, 8 cores x 2.8 GHz)
    • Onboard data storage: 128 GB Solid State Drive/H.265 Compression
    • Supports machine vision (low latency uncompressed frames)
  • Camera heads
    • Open RTOS SW (option)
    • Standard FOV (40 deg to 200 deg)
    • Global shutter RAW images
    • Compatible with any MIPI sensor
    • Sensor/optics (customer-driven)
    • Optical 160 lumens LED illuminator
    • Customer-driven FOV with custom optics
    • Lenses are ruggedized and space qualified

Additional options available to customers for the Argus-spacecraft interface include:

  • SpaceWire or custom serial interface to spacecraft
  • Spacecraft power options: 12V, 28V, and 120V
  • Supports 2-controller units: up to 6 camera heads (dual configuration provides single interface to spacecraft)
  • Voltage conversion (if needed)
  • 2-meter boom option: 2-meter lenticular retractable boom equipped with 6 camera heads providing 4pi steradian coverage

Capabilities of the Argus Vision system include:

  • Built In Closed Loop Heater Control Embedded Upon Command (optional)
  • 160 Lumens LED Illuminator w/Beam Focusing Lens (optional)
  • Power Supply Diodes (over-voltage and ESD protection)
  • Over-Temperature Shutdown Protection
  • Sharpness, Shutter, and Exposure Value Compensation LINUX/C++/Python Target for Customer Specific Software & Sequencing MPEG, JPEG, and TIFF Files Stored in Internal 128 GB MicroSD Card

The Argus Vision System can be used across an array of applications:

  • Space Situational Awareness (Multi-Sensor Fusion, Change Detection, Surveillance)
  • Spacecraft State Monitoring (Deployments, Metrology, Navigation, Assembly, Inspection)
  • Rendezvous and Proximity Operations (State Estimation, Pose Estimation, End-Game Control)

The Argus Vision system has undergone environmental qualification, including:

  • Operational Baseplate Temperature Range in Vacuum (-30°F to 150°F)
  • Al-to-Al and Connector Body-to-Al Bonding (<2.5 milliohmns)
  • Radiation Tolerant (proton and heavy ion radiation tested)
  • Random vibration (20Grms qualified for 660 seconds)
  • Shock (1700 Gs, Qual Peak Gs)

Customers can request full calibration, which includes Geometric Distortion Map, Color Correction, Pixel Map. Additionally, Redwire can provide optional on-board machine vision software, including pattern recognition, edge detection, centroiding. The Argus Vision System enables auto and manual shutter control and exposure (manual control of exposure, white balance, gain, gamma, color, iso limit). WiFi may be operated by customers in a fully wired mode, through point-to-point coax for near zero RF emissions, configured as an access point or client.

Space Cameras are export controlled through an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) issued by the United States Department of Commerce, ECCN 7A104. Export shipment requires successful application for an export license.

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Last updated: 2021-11-22

Argus Vision System



< 250 g - < 350 g (based on configuration)
8.25 cm
6.35 cm
2.28 cm
power consumption
3.5 to 4.5 W
lens (space qualified, ruggedized)
far field camera: 6.5 deg
mid field camera: 20 deg
near field camera: 50 deg
onboard data storage
128 GB Solid State Drive/H.265 Compression
baseplate temperature range
-34.4 to 65.5 C


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