The Redwire Modular Array for the Direct Distribution of Integrated Energy (MADDIE) Electrical Space Power System is based on a modular architecture and integrates the PV, charge controllers, and battery pack components into a single standardized EPS module, minimizing NRE and lead time while simplifying AIT.

Using standardized and flight qualified EPS modules in series and parallel combinations, full EPS systems are highly customizable for a wide variety of spacecraft and applications. With expertise in solar arrays, batteries, and mission systems Redwire suppliers power systems, from components up to complete EPS'. MADDIE is designed for operation from 300 km to 1000 km orbital altitude.

Key features of MADDIE include:

  • Modularity – combines solid-state battery cell, PV array, and charge controller into 1 modular package that is a building block for a flexible EPS architecture
  • Single solution simplicity – integrating EPS components into one unit delivered by one vendor simplifies both system integration and procurement
  • Reduced lead time & cost – standardized modules, produced through automation as off-the-shelf components, can be quickly combined to meet mission needs
  • Reliability – modularity enables a fault tolerant EPS allowing for high resiliency

Applications of Redwire's MADDIE include:

  • Spaceflight Power
  • Spaceflight Missions
  • Local Power for Distributed Payload Elements
  • Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Missions

Redwire Space Power Systems are export controlled through an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) issued by the United States Department of Commerce, ECCN 7A104. Export shipment requires successful application for an export license.

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Last updated: 2021-08-30

MADDIE - Modular Array for the Direct Distribution of Integrated Energy



156 g
17.3 cm
16.5 cm
1.9 cm
continuous power output1
3.6 W (36 min eclipse)
total discharge cycles
output voltage
4.0 (nominal)
3.32 to 4.2 V
mission lifetime
5 yr

1. modules combine in series/parallel to form full spacecraft EPS


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