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The Satlab SRS-3 is a full-duplex, low-power, S-band transceiver designed for TM & TC on micro- and nano-satellites. The self-contained system operates on the ITU space operations S-band frequencies and features integrated transmit and receive filters, LNA and power amplifier, requiring only passive external antennas.

SRS-3 is highly configurable, with transmit and receive frequencies, bit rates, output power and framing configurations being adjustable on-orbit.RS-3 is powered from a single 5 to 40 V input and is compatible with ECSS-E-ST-20-20C compliant, 28 V unregulated power supplies. The power input and all onboard regulated voltages are protected against over-current.

The main features include:

  • Variable transmit bit rate up to 512 kbps
  • Configurable forward error correction and framing
  • Adjustable output power up to 30 dBm with Automatic Level Control
  • On-board PA, LNA, transmit and receive filters
  • CAN-bus and RS-422 interfaces using CubeSat Space Protocol (CSP)
  • Magnetic-less Ethernet interface with IP routing
  • Wide input voltage range with over-current protection and external watchdog timer
  • CubeSat Kit form factor compatible aluminum enclosure
  • Delivered with source-level software support library for easy integration

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Last updated: 2020-10-25

SRS-3 full-duplex low-power S-band transceiver



190 g
5 to 40 V
87 mm
93 mm
17 mm
550 mW
maximum power
5.0 W


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