SATLANTIS End-to-End Smallsats Solutions for Earth Observation & Universe Exploration are integrated full solutions covering space, ground, and user segments.

SATLANTIS’ Full solution is based on a customized optical payload built around the company’s proprietary telescope, integrated Standard Imager for Microsatellites (iSIM).

iSIM is a flight-proven new generation of HR and VHR optical imagers that operate in customized spectral bands and provide high-quality Earth Observation satellite-based images and videos.

The full solution is composed of a flight and ground segment. The flight segment consists of a satellite platform and the SATLANTIS-developed optical camera to acquire Earth Observation data. The ground segment consists of a data hub, a Mission Control Centre, and a network of ground antennas for data download and satellite commanding.

SATLANTIS’ End-to-End solutions for Earth & Universe Observation are developed with specialized strategic partners. The solutions combine hardware, software, and services and cover all segments from space to ground.

These E2E solutions provide services in a number of innovative applications, ranging from environmental monitoring, defense & security, cartography, agriculture, energy, maritime, and infrastructure surveillance, among others.

The current options are,

  • iSIM-SAT for CubeSats
  • ISIM-SAT for MicroSats
  • iSIM-SAT for MiniSats

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Last updated: 2023-10-16

End-to-End Smallsats Solutions for Earth Observation and Universe Exploration



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