Designed for space payload and communication processing applications, the Athena-3 SBC utilizes both commercial and radiation hardened components. The Athena-3 SBC provides state-of-the-art performance while maintaining a high level of radiation tolerance.

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Last updated: 2021-06-01

Athena-3 Single Board Computer



2.2 lb
power consumption
16 W (typical)
processor type
PowerPC® e500 core
processor performance
2450 DMIPS @ 1.066 GHz
operating system
VxWorks RTOS
Linux RTOS (optional)
flash memory
1 GB
4 GB (optional)
PCI (32b/33 MHz and commercial standard with mezzanine connector)
SpaceWire (2 ports, backplane)
3 bi-directional RS422 ports (1 front, two backplane)
one Ethernet port (EM and prototype only)
one dual/redundant 1553 port (RT)


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