IPPM is a flexible, programmable and modular system, able to operate as a real single board compact computer suitable for supporting requirements coming from different mission scenarios. IPPM board has been designed for missions where several payloads share a common DPU (Data Processing Unit). Moreover, its wide number of communication ports and the large amount of memory, combined with the LEON2 processor features, make it suitable to the majority of space missions.


  • FLASH / SDRAM latch-up protection on board
  • SpaceWire router (8 links up to 200 Mbit/s)
  • 2 CAN links with 16 Mail Boxes
  • MIL-STD1553 Bus Controller/Remote Terminal
  • Single power supply (DC/DC converter on board)

A demonstration platform has been developed connecting three IPPM modules to emulates an overall (but simplified) On Board Data Handling system. RTEMS OS has been ported on the IPPM HW and a configurable SW library is offered in order to facilitate the development of applications in this environment, implementing a subset of PUS services capable of running on SpW, MIL1553 and CAN links. Furthermore RMAP protocol feature have been exploited to support the full remote system programmability. A user-friendly GUI allows to configure, monitor and control the system, through dedicated menus. SpW, CAN and MIL-1553 communication channels status is continuously monitored, as well as time synchronisation and application processes of each board.

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Last updated: 2021-06-01

Integrated Payload Processing Module (IPPM)



750 g
232 mm
210 mm
33 mm
processor clock
100 MHz
processor type


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