The SkyFox Labs microPATCH-L1 is a GPS-L1 CubeSat active antenna module designed to provide stronger signal for GPS satellites reception in space.

The module can be embedded closer to the conductive parts such as metallic sidewalls or PCB groundplanes on the body of the satellite to extend the existing antenna groundplane. The module is suitable for projects requiring stronger GPS signal reception with enough margins due to the ease-of-use MCX signal and power interface.

Product is manufactured in two grades to satisfy both Engineering and Flight requirements. Both the modules (/EM, /FM) are electrically identical, however their chemical and mechanical properties allows it to be used in laboratory or space, respectively.

The fully functional Engineering Model is finished by red coating with Remove Before Flight labelling.


Suitable for Crowded CubeSat sidewall panels and SmallSats

Key features

The features of the flight model of the product are as follows,

  • Up to 50 dBc-Hz SNR on ground for close-to-zenith satellites (mounted on chassis)
  • Groundplane insulated from chassis
  • Connector MCX-F (both signal + power) straight or right-angle on request
  • FR-4 space-grade 4-layers PCB
  • Chipset TRL-9
  • SAW filter
  • Patch epoxy-fixed (Ultra Low Outgassing)
  • Double-sided Kapton® fix below the patch
  • 60/40 Tin-Lead used (prevent tin whiskers)

The features of the engineering model of the product are as follows,

  • Model intended for satellite development
  • Up to 50 dBc-Hz SNR on ground for close-to-zenith satellites (mounted on chassis)
  • Groundplane insulated from structure
  • Connector MCX-F (both Signal + Power) straight or right-angle on request
  • FR-4 Space-grade 4-layers PCB
  • SAW filter
  • Patch epoxy-fixed (Ultra Low Outgassing)
  • RED Remove Before Flight coating finish
  • RoHS (for lab/engineering purposes only)

Export control

  • Harmonized System (HS) Code for FM/EM models: 8529.10.69
  • Country of origin: the Czech Republic.
  • The Czech Republic participates in the Wassennaar Agreement and agrees with the Missile Technology Control Regime.
  • The functional parameters of the Space-grade Flight Model and Engineering Model of this product require it to be considered as a regulated (dual use) goods with controlled export.
  • An Export License, approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic (the local control entity), is required.
  • Export License requests should be submitted by the manufacturer to the local control entity.
  • The manufacturer is prepared to support the customer to obtain the Export License (if approved by the local control entity).
  • The typical Export License assessment period is from 30 to 60 days from application to delivery, potentially affecting the respective product delivery date extension.

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Last updated: 2022-05-27

microPATCH-L1 - Micro Active GPS-L1 Patch Antenna

1,995 EUR




1575.42 MHz (GPS L1, mount-dependent)
antenna gain
-2 dBi avg. (+20 dB LNA)
return loss
-10 dB
axial ratio
< 3 dB
25 g
lead time
4 to 6 mo


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