The piCAM is specially designed to provide colorful imaging in JPEG format and VGA resolution aboard small satellites with external flashlight control signal. The unit enables a possibility to trigger signal for external LED-based flashlight to illuminate nearby objects of interest in dark orbital periods, such as solar sails, booms, deployable structures, tethers, etc.

The camera can be configured with various optics. By default the optics with 76° FOV with IR-cut filter is attached and fixed, set to focus on infinity.

The camera is manufactured in two grades to satisfy both Engineering and Flight model requirements. Models (/EM, /FM) are electrically identical, however their chemical and mechanical properties allows it to be used in laboratory or space, respectively.


  • VGA resolution
  • JPEG data output in HEX format
  • 6 pin Molex connector
  • Automatic Shutter with Day/Night sensitivity
  • Captures image within 5 seconds
  • Mounting bracket 48 x 33 mm with 4xM2.5 mounting holes
  • Wide field, narrow field (default) and fish eye optics available
  • EMI and ESD Control, Power and Housekeeping Engine (Telemetry)
  • MOSFET-free power management
  • Evaluation kit available

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Last updated: 2021-05-25

piCAM - Digital CubeSat Camera

3,290 EUR (ROM)



lead time
4 to 6 wk
40 g
33 mm (excl. optics)
33 mm (excl. optics)
19 mm (excl. optics)
power consumption
315 mW
field of view
76 deg
116 deg (with optional optics)
170 deg (with optional optics)
ground sample distance
~300 m @ 550 km SSO
supply voltage
2.7 to 3.6 V
operating temperature
-40 to 85 C


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