The SkyLabs NANOcomm-2 is a TM/TC satellite communication subsystem miniaturised with full duplex and secure link in UHF/VHF band on Tx or Rx.

The system is designed to provide improved communication data link budgets. SkyLabs assures outstanding performance of NANOcomm-2 by designing a best-in-class SWaP characteristics.

Powered by PicoSkyFT, the embedded intelligence adds to the satellite system overall functionality.

The acquisition of satellite diagnostic data is designed practically to be fully autonomous with the use of several intelligent built-in functions.

SkyLabs end-to-end communication solution combines satellite command, monitor and management and payload data reception with SkyEGSE-comm SDR modem based on comprehensive NANOsky CMM software development kit.

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Last updated: 2022-02-18

NANOcomm-2 – UHF/VHF-band TM/TC CCSDS communication subsystem



120 g
95 mm
91 mm
12 mm
power consumption
8 W (Rx + Tx @ 31 dBm output power)
2 W (Rx only)
output power
Adjustable up to 31 dBm (1W)
420 to 450 MHz
130 to 200 MHz
data rate
Up to 25 kbps @ 25 kHz (GFSK)
-114 dBm @ 10% PER (GFSK 9600bps)
supply voltage
5 V DC
data interface
redundant CAN
operating temperature
-10 to 50 C


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