The SkyLabs NANOif-2 is a remote terminal unit (RTU) for seamless connection f onboard sensors, instruments or payloads to NANOsky TM/TC architecture. NANOsky TM/TC is an onboard data handling architecture.

Several configurable user interfaces, as discrete analog inputs, digital I/Os or more advanced serial communication are supported by NANOif-2.

Maximal RTU independence is offered to the user’s higher protocols by performing the translation of user interfaces accordingly.

The acquisition and conditioning of satellite sensor data is designed practically to be fully autonomous with the use of several intelligent built-in functions.

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Last updated: 2022-01-20

NANOif-2 – Intelligent Remote Terminal Unit



55 g
95 mm
91 mm
15 mm
supply voltage
5 V DC
power consumption
> 1.2 W
processor type
PicoSkyFT-L SoC
data interface
2x auxiliary CAN bus (CSP protocol)
5x RS422/485 (protocol independent)
24x ADC concurrent channels acquisition
20x GPIO 3V3 compliant, 8x GPIO with remap capability (GPIO, UART, SPI, I2C)
operating temperature
-10 to 60 C


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