The Solar MEMS Technologies Specific Check Out Equipment (SCOE) also known as TA, TAID, is an equipment designed to test the right operation of the sun sensors (ACSS, nanoSSOC, SSOC). The TA equipment is designed for the satellite factory, in order to perform a quick evaluation of two sun sensors, at the same time, after integration. TA consists of electronic, mechanical, and optical parts:

- Control Cube (CC) is a container including all electronic and controller units made to manage the equipment.
- Optical Fiber bundles (OF) are two bundles composed of 4 fibers each. These parts are only optical.
- Optical Heads (OH) are two mechanical cases including the optical outputs for illuminating the sun sensors to test how they work. These heads include the end of the optical fibers and the collimators. Light is generated in every led emitter (LEDHUB) and controlled by the main controller.

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

Specific Check Out Equipment (SCOE)




power supply
50 to 60 Hz
operating temperature
15 to 30 C


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