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The Space Inventor 6U satellite is a platform configured from modular subsystems suitable for IOD, scientific, educational, BIU and IoT missions.

Each system is equipped with independent radiation shielding, EMI shielding, thermal conduction path, and mechanical support. The iterative development process and integration procedure of Space Inventor facilitates module interchangeability.

The microsatellite platform can be extended with deployable solar panels. The ADCS system provides Nadir or ground tracking. The power generation and solar energy harvesting is optimized by rotating the entire satellite across the bore-axis.


  • Educational missions
  • BIU missions
  • In-orbit demonstration missions
  • Scientific missions
  • IoT missions

Key features

  • 8 Li-Ion 18650 cells
  • 14.4V or 28.8V nominal voltage
  • 92 Whr nominal capacity
  • Automatic Cell balancing
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Over- and under-voltage protection
  • Always-on ultra-low-power Real Time Clock
  • Microcontroller for housekeeping and control
  • CAN bus with CSP protocol
  • Heater with automatic control
  • High-reliability Harwin M80 connectors
  • Inhibit connector for insert-before-flight and separation switches:
    • High-side and low-side raw battery
    • High-side and low-side MOSFET with external control lines
  • Reliability
    • Radiation total dose tested EEE parts
    • Vibration rated for all launch vehicles
    • Redundant inhibit MOSFETs
  • High-quality Enclosure
    • Min. 1.5 mm Al Shielding in all directions
    • PC-104 compatible mounting holes

Key features of the subsystems:

  • BAT-P3, Integrated 8 cell Li-Ion Battery System
  • ADCS-P3, Versatile ADCS Computer with Sensor and Actuator control
    • 1x ARM® Cortex-M7 Main Processing Units
    • Integrated sensors: 6 Degree of freedom IMU sensor, 3 axis magnetometer
  • FSS-1-G2, Fine Sun Sensor
    • 2-axis sun direction sensor based on quad photo diode array
    • Integrated 3-axis magnetometer
    • Integrated 2-axis Gyro
  • WHL-50, 50mm high performance reaction wheel
  • MPPT-P3, 7 Channel Maximum Power Point Tracker and Battery Charger
    • 4-12 Solar cells per string with 1-2 solar cell strings per channel
  • PCDU-12, 12 Channel Power Conditioning and Distribution Unit
  • TTC-P3, Dual Hot-Redundant VHF/UHF Satellite TT&C radio
    • 2 Half-Duplex VHF/UHF Transceivers, 2 Microcontrollers for housekeeping and control
  • OBC-P3, Two fully independent onboard computer modules in a shared enclosure with 2x ARM® Cortex-M7 Main Processing Units
  • Z7000-P3, Versatile Payload and Onboard Computing Platform with Dual ARM® Cortex-A9 Main Processing Units

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Last updated: 2022-03-23

6U Satellite



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