The STM Modular Assembly Table is a mechanical ground support equipment that allows satellites to be placed on it vertically or horizontally thanks to its adjustable supports. The Modular Assembly Table is also compatible with standard CubeSat designs from 1U to 6U. By means of adjustable supports, safe and precise clamping also can be provided.

Since all materials and coatings are selected in accordance with the vacuum environment, it can enter thermal vacuum tests together with the satellite. Materials used at the contact points prevent any scratches or impacts on the satellite structure.

The Modular Assembly Table is compatible with a range of CubeSat structures, including 1U, 2U, 3U, 6U or upgraded versions (1.5U- 8U-12U-16U). For other CubeSat sizes and special customizations of the Modular Assembly Table, customers can contact STM. The structural elements are made of aluminum alloys, all fasteners are stainless steel, and for the contact points with the satellite structure, PTFE is used. Hard anodizing for aluminum parts is optional.

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Last updated: 2024-03-13

CubeSat Modular Assembly Table



6.5 kg
420 mm
320 mm
168.4 mm

1. Maximum weight with 4 vertical supports; the weight may vary depending on the configuration of the supports.


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