Based on helicon technology, the Magnetically Enhanced RF Plasma Thruster is under development in Padua since 2008, focusing on the needs of small platforms, characterized by low power and budget constraints.

Thanks to its very simple architecture, the thruster allows for cost reduction, making it a valuable solution for small platforms down to multi U. It can be throttleable and is easily scalable to match with the customer needs.

Deriving by helicon technology, the thruster is a simple engineering system, featuring a reduced number of components with respect to other systems. It is composed of a discharge chamber, an antenna and a magnetic field generator. It does not use electrodes, does not require neutralizers and grids, thus allowing cost reductions and long lifetimes. A proprietary (patented) helicon technology has been developed specifically for micro and nano-satellites.


powermin: 20 W, max: 60 W
thrustmin: 0.25 mN, max: 0.7 mN
specific impulse< 700 s
mass2.5 kg
mass flow rate0.1 mg s^-1
voltage dc12 V



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