Our SAFE-SHEAR Burst Discs are designed to set and verify exact rupture pressure in a non-destructive test. This allows systems to safely operate very close to maximum design pressure. Technetics Group currently has SAFE-SHEARTM Burst Disc assemblies flying on the V-22 Osprey as well as on numerous satellites such as the Hubble Telescope, Mars Global Surveyor, Gravity Probe B, WISE and International Space Station.

Burst discs achieve a leak tightness of <1.00x10-9 sccs, considerably better than pressure relief valves alone. They are suited for extreme conditions such as hard vacuum, high pressure, cryogenic and high temperatures. Burst discs are also often designed with a precision pressure relief valve downstream, mated in a weight and space efficient package for dual-redundancy.


• High level of accuracy and dependability ± 1% full scale

• Burst pressure setting range from 1 psid to 10,000 psid [.07 to 689 bar / 7 to 68,950 kpa]

• Operating temperatures from -452°F to > +1000°F [-271°C to > +540°C]

• Burst setting 100% verifiable and adjustable by non- destructive testing

• Achieves leak tightness <1.0x10-9 sccs, considerably better than pressure relief valves alone

• Allows continuous pressure cycling operation up to 95% of set burst pressure

• Nearly impervious to high shock and vibration levels: Does not cause premature rupture or reduced life


• Transport Aircraft

• Human & Autonomous Space Vehicles

• Sensitive Rail Cargo

• Cryogenic

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Last updated: 2020-08-26

Burst Discs



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