More than 40 years of innovation have made Technetics a globally trusted leader in engineered components, seals, assemblies and subsystems for demanding environments. As a critical applications solutions provider, Technetics recently developed a specialized design, manufacturing and testing process for hydrodynamic “lift-off” seals. With an Advanced Spiral Groove design, our HD seals are engineered for superior performance at high altitudes and a variety of temperatures and pressures. In rigorous testing, Technetics HD seals performed nearly three times better than competing HD seals. Aircraft operators that install Technetics HD seals can benefit from an industry-leading maintenance cycle of over 20,000 hours.


• Hydrodynamic (lift-off) face seals – bellows and spring-energized


• Low speed applications such as gearbox and generator seals (>1000 RPM)

• High speed applications such as turbo pumps and engine main shaft (up to 100,000 RPM)


• Operates in wide range of temperatures between cryogenic and 1000°F (538.8°C) for bellows-energized seals and -65°F and 400°F (-53.9°C and 204.4°C) for spring-energized seals

• Withstands pressures up to 150 psid

• Excellent high-altitude performance with low leakage rates

• Service life of more than 20,000 hours

• Sizes: 1in - 6in diameters

• FAA certified


• Various carbon grades

• Bronze

• Ceramics

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Last updated: 2020-08-26

Hydrodynamic Seals



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