The K-Port seal is designed to prevent fluid leakage and/ or pressure loss between a fitting (per AS-933; supercedes MS-33656) and a connection port (per AS-5202; supercedes MS-33649).

The K-Port seal design was optimized in house by our expert engineering staff and analyzed through FEA, burst pressure testing and leak testing. It is designed to function under extreme temperatures over a wide pressure range.

The K-Port seal design has been qualified for space flight and is also used in cryogenic and high temperature applications. This seal can be found in various gas, solid and liquid fuel delivery hardware such as nozzles, AN fittings, sensors, instrumentation and valves.


Suggested torque for pressure up to 3000 P.S.I. for boss seals manufactured from X-750 or A-286 with Gold Plating at LN2 and Room Temperatures.

These torque values were tested on AS5202/AS933 Control designed hardware machined from SS316.

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Last updated: 2020-08-26

K-PORT Metal Port Seal Technology



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