The Tensor Tech ADCS-20m is an integrated ADCS built around two variable-speed, single-gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) suitable for 6U CubeSats. It delivers comparable performances compared to ADCSs designed for similar sizes of satellites but offers lighter weight, more compact volume as it can fit within the tuna can, and less power consumption.

Users can directly input through the onboard computer (OBC) attitude quaternion as the reference command or set the system to automated modes such as de-tumbling, sun-tracking, LVLH, and target tracking modes.

Attitude determination and control algorithms embedded in the ADCS computer take care of all the commands to the ADCS components. This enables the user’s OBC to focus on the mission operations instead of calculating the complex system dynamics of the spacecraft.

Also, autonomous modes can allow the satellite to track terrestrial objects or the sun simply by setting the states of the ADCS.

The ADCS-20m includes two CMGs, five standard FSS-15 fine sun sensors, one FSS-15M (a fine sun sensor with a triaxial magnetometer), three magnetorquers, and one control board.

Key features

  • Optional GNSS receiver and star tracker
  • Comprehensive software support and free technical support
  • Control Modes
    - Tracking
    - Fine Pointing
    - LVLH
    - Sun Pointing
    - Detumbling
    - Safe Mode

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Last updated: 2023-10-09

ADCS-20m Integrated Attitude Determination and Control System




lead time
5 to 10 mo
< 600 g
2 x Tuna-cans & 0.4U
supply voltage
5 V
3.3 V
power consumption
< 1 W @ 3.3 V
< 2 W @ 5 V
maximum torque
< 2 mN m for 1-axis
< 1 mN m for 2-axis (adjustable)
maximum momentum storage
< 10 mN m s for 2-axis (adjustable)
< 20 mN m s for 1-axis
pointing knowledge
< ±0.1 deg (with sun)
< ±1 deg (no sun)
pointing accuracy
< ±0.2 deg (with sun)
< ±1 deg (no sun)
data interface
RS422/485 (optional, only one of the two can be selected)


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