The Tensor Tech ADCS-MTQ has been tailored for simple nanosatellite missions with limited power budget and volume constraints. It includes FSS-15M (fine sun sensor with triaxial magnetometer) for attitude determination and a triaxial magnetorquer for attitude control. Its embedded control modes include magnetic dipole moment control, sun-tracking, and de-tumbling.

Five optional FSS-15 fine sun sensors can also be provided to achieve optimal performance. The ADCS-MTQ can be purchased as an integrated solution or as standalone components for users who desire to customize their own ADCS system.

Support software is provided for the user to set up and calibrate the system.

Key features

  • Optional GNSS receiver
  • Control modes: sun-tracking, de-tumbling, and magnetic dipole moment control
  • Comprehensive software support and free technical support

Flight heritage

The Tensor Tech ADCS-MTQ has achieved flight heritage in 2022.

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Last updated: 2023-10-09

ADCS-MTQ Integrated Attitude Determination and Control System with Magnetorquers

6,900 USD




lead time
2 mo
< 140 g
0.2 U
supply voltage
3.3 V
5 V
power consumption
< 1 W
magnetic dipole moment
< 0.1 A m^2 for 1 axis (adjustable)
< 0.2 A m^2 for 2-axis
pointing accuracy
< 10 deg (with six optional FSS-15 Fine Sun Sensor)
data interface
RS422/485 (optional, only one of the two can be selected)


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