The CubeLCT offered by TESAT answers the rising demand for low latency and high bandwidth for small spacecraft, in a world of increasing data and decreasing frequency band disposability. It is the product of a long-term research cooperation between the Institute of Communications and Navigation of the German Aerospace Center (DLR-IKN) and TESAT, which has now come to full bloom, yielding a ready-to-launch LCT for small satellites, and especially for CubeSats (fitting in ~0.3U).

Some of the key features of the CubeLCT include:

  • Laser communication terminal with low size, weight and power consumption
  • Optimized for 60cm aperture optical ground station with uplink beacon
  • 1550nm IM DD technology
  • 10 minutes communication time per ground station pass
  • CCSDS compatible
  • Designed for range from LEO to ground
  • 1st mission PIxL in 2019, FM available
  • Expandable for Optical Intersatellite Links

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Last updated: 2021-04-23

CubeLCT - CubeSat Laser Communication Transmitter



360 g
9 cm
9.5 cm
3.5 cm
power consumption
8 W
transmit power
100 mW
channel data rate
100 Mbps LEO to ground; 1 Mbps TC channel ground to LEO
5 years in LEO orbit


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