The Texas instruments TIDA-070002 is a space-grade isolated flyback DC/DC over-current protection reference design. An isolated feedback flyback with overcurrent flags and current sensing are created by this reference design using LM139AQML-SP quadcomparator, INA901-SP radiation hardened current monitor and UC1901-SP.

The UC1843A-SP current mode PWM controller provides the voltage and current to output by switching the low side MOSFET of the flyback converter. The loop for isolated feedback is completed with the UC1901-SP sensing the output voltage.

To create an overcurrent flag, the input current is provided to the LM139AQML-SP by INA901-SP.


Supported products

  • LM139AQML-SP — Low Power Low Offset Voltage Quad Comparator
  • INA901-SP — Radiation hardened, -15-V to 65-V, split-stage current sense amplifier with in-line filter option
  • UC1843A-SP — Space-grade, 30-V, 1-A, PWM controller with 8.4-V/7.6-V UVLO 100% duty cycle, -55C to 125C
  • UC1843B-SP — Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), 30-V, 1-A, PWM controller with 8.4-V/7.6-V UVLO 100% duty cycle
  • UC1901-SP — Isolated Feedback Generator

Key features

  • Isolated magnetic feedback using UC1901-SP
  • Current sensing using INA901-SP
  • Overcurrent comparison using LM139AQML-SP
  • Pulse-by-pulse current limiting
  • Double pulse suppression
  • Multiple feedback paths supported


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Last updated: 2021-12-21


20- to 40-VIN, 50-W Space-grade isolated flyback DC/DC over-current protection reference design



input voltage
20 to 40 V DC
output current
< 10 A
output voltage
5 V nom.
output power
50 W


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