The Texas Instruments TPS7H4001-SP is a synchronous buck converter suitable for satellite point of load supply, communications and optical imaging payload.

The converter is radiation hardened available in a thermally enhanced ceramic flatpack package with integrated low-resistance high-side and low-side MOSFETs. Current mode control helps achieve high efficiency and reduced component count.

SS/TR pin controls the output voltage start-up ramp allowing operation as either in tracking situations or a stand-alone power supply. With a correct configuration of the enable and the power good pins, power sequencing also possible.

The converter can be configured in primary-secondary mode and with the SYNC2 pin, four devices can be configured in parallel without an external clock.

To protect the device, current runway is prevented by low-side sourcing current limit and the overload situations are prevented by cycle-by-cycle current limiting on the high-side FET.

Low-side sinking current limit turns off the low-side MOSFET preventing the excessive reverse current. When thermal shutdown temperature is exceeded by the die temperature, the component is disabled by thermal shutdown.


  • Space satellite point of load supply
  • Communications payload
  • Optical imaging payload

Orderable Part Numbers

Key features

  • Radiation performance:
    • Radiation-hardness-assured up to
      TID 100 krad(Si)
    • SEL, SEB, and SEGR immune to
      LET=75 MeV-cm2/mg
    • SET and SEFI characterized up to
      LET=75 MeV-cm2/mg
  • Peak efficiency: 95.5% (VO=1 V at 100 kHz)
  • Integrated 22-mΩ and 17-mΩ MOSFETs
  • Power rail: 3 V to 7 V on VIN
  • Flexible switching frequency options:
    • 100-kHz to 1-MHz adjustable internal oscillator
    • External sync capability: 100-kHz to 1-MHz
    • SYNC pins can be configured as 500-kHz clocks at 90° out of phase to parallel up to
      4 devices
  • 6-V ±1.5% voltage reference over temperature, radiation, and line and load regulation
  • Monotonic start-up into prebiased outputs
  • Adjustable slope compensation and soft-start
  • Adjustable input enable and power-good output for power sequencing
  • Power-good output monitor for undervoltage and overvoltage
  • 34-pin, thermally-enhanced ceramic flatpack package (HKY) for space applications

Development Kits

  • TPS7H4001QEVM-CVAL - 4-channel, 72-A, 3-V to 7-V input, synchronous step-down converter evaluation module
  • ALPHA-XILINX-KU060-SPACE - Alpha Data® board for Xilinx® Kintex® UltraScale™ XQRKU060 FPGA with TI power

Testing & qualification

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Last updated: 2021-12-21


Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), 3-V to 7-V input, 18-A, synchronous step-down converter



input voltage
3 to 7 V
output voltage
0.604 to 6.65 V
output current
< 18 A
operating temperature
-55 to 125 C
RoHS compliance
REACH compliance
export control


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