The Texas Instruments LM117HVQML-SP is a 3-terminal positive voltage linear regulator radiation hardness assured, suitable for adjustable switching regulator, a programmable output regulator and precision current regulator. 

To set the output voltage, the regulator requires only two external resistors. As long as the maximum input-to-output differential is not exceeded, LM117HVQML-SP is capable of regulating hundreds of volts.

Full overload protections such as safe area protection, thermal overload protection and current limit, are available and remains fully functional even in the event of the adjustment terminal being disconnected.

Further, both line and load regulation are better than standard fixed regulators.

If the regulator is situated more than 6 in from the input filter capacitors, an input bypass is needed. If the regulator is less than 6 in, no capacitors are needed. Transient response can be improved by adding an optional output capacitor. A very high ripple rejection ratios can be achieved by bypassing the adjustment terminal.


Orderable Part Numbers

Key features

  • Radiation hardness assured (RHA) up to a total ionizing dose (TID) of 100 krad(Si)
    • High dose rate (HDR) option at 50–300 rad(Si)/s
    • Low dose rate (LDR) option at 10 mrad(Si)/s
  • Specified 0.5-A output current
  • Adjustable output down to 1.2 V
  • Current limit constant with temperature
  • Output is short-circuit protected

Testing & qualification

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Last updated: 2021-12-21


Radiation-hardness-assured (RHA), 4.2-V to 60-V, 500-mA adjustable output linear regulator



input voltage
4.2 to 60 V
output voltage
1.25 to 57 V
output current
< 0.5 A
operating temperature
-55 to 125 C
export control


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