TMT Standard Passive Orbital Thermal Control Structures (SPOT) provide structure for mounting hardware and have integral heat pipes to spread heat around uniformly.

TMT adapted its multifunctional, heat spreading structure technology and scaled it to smaller satellite configurations. SPOT facilitates use of available satellite area and thermal capacitance.

Key features

  • Standard spacecraft- dispenser or separation system interface
  • Standard hole pattern
  • Integrated heat spreading
  • 3 to 6 times more mass efficient than aluminum


Besides the standard units (6U, 12U, ESPA), TMT can create custom sized structures to meet customer needs.

Flight heritage

Thermal Management Technologies has successfully delivered several units that have flown on missions. As all units, including this product, are individually customized (in the 12U size to near ESPA size) despite being based on the same core system, this product is at TRL7.

Testing & qualification

TMT can perform a wide variety of analysis and testing on thermal systems as an added service.

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Last updated: 2021-10-13

Standard Passive Orbital Thermal Control Structures - SPOT





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