Unibap's iX5100 is a SpaceCloud® computer solution for large and small spacecraft. Unibap provides a state-of-the-art, intelligent, computing solution for data-intensive space applications, including Qseven compute modules based on AMD64 architecture, a data storage module with up to 240 GB SSD and 64 GB eMMC micro SD card, and a customizable interface system to support payload, spacecraft and communication interfaces.

The iX5100 utilizes the Qseven e2160 computing solution with an embedded, x86-compatible, AMD® G-series SOC product from the 1st, 2nd, and LX families. The SOC is paired with a powerful Microsemi® SmartFusion2™ FPGA, which provides IO extension and board supervisory management through IP core state-machines or embedded ARM® Cortex™ M3 micro-controller.

iX5 has an open mini PCI express connection where i.e. the Intel Myriad X VPU can be added for additional computing power.

Unibap core space offerings include:

  • Radiation tolerant payload computing hardware
  • Linux Driver/API & Application Software Development
  • AI algorithm development and implementation
  • Software for data distribution

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The following paper provides additional details about adoption of the iX5 heterogeneous computer platform for the NASA-funded HyTI mission: HYTI: Thermal Hyperspectral Imaging From a Cubesat Platform.

Additionally, the following paper published in the CEAS Space Journal provides further technical details about the heterogeneous computer platform: Enabling radiation tolerant heterogeneous GPU‐based onboard data processing in space

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Last updated: 2021-01-14

SpaceCloud iX5100 Computer



50 mm
95 mm
95 mm
226 g
power consumption
< 30 W
voltage supply
12 V
operating temperature
-14 to 70 C


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