The VLB-16 device is a battery pack specifically designed for the use as power supply on-board small satellites. It consists of e.g. n cells of batteries connected in series with a l capacity of 12 Ah and a nominal voltage of 28 V and integrates temperature, voltage and current measurement functions.

Through its digital control interface the VLB-X device offers a great flexibility and can easily be integrated in any system. The VLB-X design is more than a simple association of batteries. The battery cell manufacturer is SAFT and the cells have already been selected and qualified for the use on-board small satellites.

Battery blocks are constructed from matched cells, normally from the same manufacturing batch. Cycle testing has been performed to classify and select cells into groups with smaller tolerances to minimize variability within one block.

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Last updated: 2021-07-22

Li-Ion Battery Block VLB-4/ -8 /-16



< 4.5 kg
< 195 mm
< 169 mm
< 100 mm
battery type
battery pack voltage
24 to 33 V
battery capacity
12 Ah
discharge current
10 A cont. (20 A pulse)
charge current
2x 4 A max


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