The VEOWARE SPACE MicroCMG is a control moment gyroscope (CMG) suitable for 50kg - 250kg satellites.

CMGs are attitude control actuators that consist of a spinning rotor, which is also referred to as a flywheel, along with and one or more motorized gimbals. The gimbals tilt the rotor’s angular momentum causing a gyroscopic torque that rotates the spacecraft.

Veoware CMGs are designed to be adapted to meet different mission requirements by altering the configuration. This enables more efficient access to off-nadir angles in order to increase the chances of refreshing the desired target. As an example, 4x MicroCMGs offer angular momentum storage (roll, pitch, yaw) of 2.3 N m s and a maximum torque of 3.5 N m.

Veoware can also calibrate the CMG's orientations to offer preferential directions. For example, it is possible to alter the CoG misalignment direction and force vector in order to consistently provide the maximum momentum capacity available.

Engineering models are available today while flight model production is scheduled for Q2 2022.

Veoware also offers MiniCMG for satellites above 250kg.

The video below is a presentation by VEOWARE SPACE from the 2021 satsearch webinar: "a guide to selecting an ADCS for a small satellite mission". For more information about the webinar, and to see footage of the entire event, please click here

Find out more about how VEOWARE's Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG) products work, and the advantages that they can bring to satellites, in the video below:

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Last updated: 2022-11-25

MicroCMG - Control Moment Gyroscope



2.75 kg
97 mm
97 mm
189 mm
angular momentum storage
0.7 N m s
1.1 N m
power consumption
<15 W (nominal)
< 45 W (peak, 1 sec)
28 V
data interface
lead time
3 mo
export control


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