The VEOWARE SPACE WHL-500 Reaction Wheel is designed for for 35 to 100kg Satellites (and not 50kg).

The system is fully integrated and is designed to offer high torque in a low power and low volume setup.

The WHL-500 Reaction Wheel is exclusively designed, manufactured, and owned by Space Inventor. Simultaneously, Veoware retains the authorization to resell this product.

Reaction wheels enable satellites to reposition while in orbit without the use of propellants or other external sources of torque.

Three-axis control is enabled through angular momentum conservation of the contained flywheel, which creates the required torque on the system.

The VEOWARE SPACE WHL-500 is a 500 mNms system with a mass of 0.8 kg.

Multiple WHL-500 systems can be used in combination to satisfy different mission requirements.

The WHL-500 has been designed to minimize microvibrations and tested to ensure optimal performance with low jitter and low torque noise (microvibration test and jitter analysis available upon request).

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Last updated: 2024-02-05

WHL-500 Reaction Wheel



0.8 kg
97 mm
97 mm
40 mm
Nominal momentum storage
500 mN m s
maximum torque
100 mN m
power consumption
<3 W (nominal)
20 to 35 V
data interface
lead time
3 mo


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