The compact cyber® reaction wheel 2 is especially designed for attitude control used in 1-8 U satellites. Due to its cube shape with integrated electronic control it can be used in several configurations. The reaction wheel is provided with vacuum-rated bearings and components resisting radiation terms up to 200 Gy. Profiting from the experience of WITTENSTEIN cyber motor in the field of precise small permanent magnet servo systems and ZFT in the field of reliable space electronics and software engineering, the cyber® reaction wheel 2 is space proven.

The products offers 2.0mNms of angular momentum storage with the cube shape of just 20x20x20 mm. A high dynamic acceleration and precise sensorless controlling offer high robustness, low vibration and fast maneuvers. For commissioning, WITTENSTEIN cyber motor offers a reaction wheel starter kit, whereby the reaction wheel can be put into operation within a few moments using a PC and the MotionGUI 2 graphical user interface. This also allows diagnostics, optimisation and parameterisation to be carried out.

Some key features of the cyber® reaction wheel 2 include:

  • Laser balanced rotor to minimize vibration
  • Self-calibrating closed loop control algorithm for maximized torque accuracy
  • Custom control loop option
  • Sensorless feedback
  • Recuperation capabilities
  • Configurable digital I/Os

Flight heritage: NetSat mission

The Centre for Telematics in Würzburg developed four CubeSat mini-satellites (mass <4 kg) and launched them on 28 September 2020 from the Plessezk Cosmodrome into an orbit 600 km above the Earth using a Soyuz rocket. On board are six WITTENSTEIN cyber motor reaction wheels per satellite. A radio link enables data exchange between the smallest satellites, which allows various manoeuvres to be carried out. The cyber® reaction wheel 2 manages attitude control around the x-, y- and z-direction.

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Last updated: 2021-03-16

cyber® reaction wheel 2



30 g
20 mm
20 mm
20 mm
momentum storage (@18,000 rpm)
> 2.0 mN m s
nominal torque (20 sec 0 - 2.0 nMms)
0.100 mN m
peak torque (7 sec 0 - 2.0 nMms)
0.285 mN m
power consumption (@18.000 rpm)
< 300 mW
peak power consumption (configurable)
< 900 mW
nominal rotation rate
18000 rpm
nominal supply voltage1
5 V
data interface
operating temperature
-40 to 85 C
survival temperature
-60 to 100 C
5 yr

1. single power supply for A&D


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