The Zephyr Computing Systems Zephyr Kestrel is a data processing system designed for CubeSats and small satellites.

With the NVIDIA Jetson TX2i module at its core, the Zephyr Kestrel adds massive parallel computing capability as well as high-performance CPUs. Zephyr’s design adds extra storage, including a standard microSD card and M.2 2280 SSD slot. By default, these are populated with validated, industrial-grade options. Gigabit Ethernet is available for high-speed connectivity, as well as other common interfaces.

Zephyr’s design provides protection and telemetry circuits for routine monitoring, as well as fault detection and isolation. Each subsystem is protected with a resettable eFuse circuit to mitigate the effects of radiation. Data is protected with Error Correction Codes (ECC) for RAM and the large capacity non-violate memory allows the storage of multiple copies of key files.

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Last updated: 2023-09-07


  • CAD model(27.79 MB)
  • Datasheet(769.19 KB)
  • ICD(348.33 KB)
  • Option sheet
  • User manual


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