• Address: 209 Oxford House, 71 Oxford Street
  • City: Glasgow
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Postcode: G5 9EP
  • State: Scotland


Pioneers in PicoSat technology, Alba Orbital develop inexpensive pico-Satellites which weigh <1kg, and cost significantly less. While, offering almost all of the advantages of a CubeSat. Being leaders in this niche, they are closely partnered with ESA. Alba Orbital aims to 'democratise' space, allowing affordable access to anyone. They are currently working on 2 platforms - Unicorn-1 and Unicorn-2 and will be launching Unicorn-1 in Q2 2017. Alba Orbital also provide technical support and parts for those launching, designing and building picoSatellites.


  • Tom Walkinshaw
  • Founder/CEO
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Pocketqube 1P Structure


Last updated: 2017-07-04