Address: 12 Albert-Einstein-Straße

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Postcode: 12489

State: Berlin


ASTROFEIN develops, produces and tests components and systems for space. We focus on small satellites, attitude control, structures, mechanisms and payloads. The comprehensive knowledge, expertise and experience of the employees ensure a high quality standard in different fields of the space technologies. ASTROFEIN is one of the world's leading manufacturers of reaction wheels. A family of reaction wheels for small satellites was successfully launched on the market. The family of ASTROFEIN reaction wheels comprises six reaction wheels – RW 1, RW 35, RW 90, RW 150, RW 250 and the RW 800. We are pleased to announce one of our newest products, the 6U PicoSatellite Launcher (PSL), as a new member of our PSL family that established already the PSL1U, PSL2U, PSL3U and PSL12U.


Mandy Zahradnik

Business Development

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Last updated: 2019-07-23