Blue Canyon Technologies Inc.

Lafayette, United States


Blue Canyon Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of turnkey small satellite solutions, including nanosatellites, microsatellites, and ESPA-class. We specialize in precision pointing platforms based upon our high-performance attitude determination and control components.

BCT’s uniquely experienced staff has developed low-cost, flight-proven, high-performance, high-reliability spacecraft systems and components that enable a wide range of missions for academic, commercial, and government applications. Our state-of-the-art spacecraft and subsystems, which are supporting LEO, GEO, Lunar, and interplanetary missions, are developed and manufactured in our new 140,000 sqft office, lab and manufacturing facilities.

BCT’s high-volume manufacturing, highly integrated spacecraft buses, and custom ground software allow you to maximize your payload mass and volume on-orbit, while minimizing your overall mission cost.

Blue Canyon Technologies Inc.

Lafayette, United States

Contact information

2550 Crescent Drive, Lafayette, CO, 80026 - United States



George Stafford

CEO and President

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