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Braxton Technologies, LLC provides satellite ground systems, command and control, and secure data distribution solutions for government, civil, and commercial customers in the United States and internationally. The company offers ACE Premier, an integrated satellite ground system that monitors, commands, and controls the satellite constellation for various specific mission support scenarios. It also provides ACE Premier Telemetry Workstation that offers an integrated toolset to render incoming telemetry, configure satellite vehicle telemetry processing, display, archival, and playback, and generates reports; and planning and scheduling products that help operators plan satellite supports and other tasking, and de-conflict complex vehicle schedules for operations efficiency and effectiveness. Further, the company offers flight dynamics products that allow operators to manage orbit, attitude, and other critical characteristics of a vehicle prior to, during, and after maneuvers and other stages of flight; simulation products that are used to test ground systems; and ACE Real-Time Simulator that provides a high-fidelity simulation engine and a library of vehicle, payload, ground system, and ground network models. Furthermore, it provides development, deployment, training, sustainment, operate and maintain, and support services.




Advanced Control Equipment (ACE) Premier Universal Command and Control (AceUC2)

ControlPoint Telemetry, Tracking and Commanding

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