Bright Ascension


Bright Ascension is a UK-based space solution provider specializing in software products and services.

The company's solutions are designed to accelerate the satellite mission development and operations in a cost-effective manner.

From a single satellite to large constellations, Bright Ascension's software platform allows customers to mainly reduce the launch risks and automate the overall processes.

In October 2022, Bright Ascension launched a Partner Programme, which aims to establish collaborations with global software and hardware technology providers.

Under this programme, the potential collaborators are offered a wide range of routes to build on Bright Ascension’s expertise and create new business opportunities, such as the resale of software licences, turnkey mission software solutions to complement existing services, and the full onboard-payload package offers for highly specialised technology providers.

Bright Ascension

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Last updated: 2022-11-04