Chang Guang Satellite

Changchun, Jilin, China


Chang Guang Satellite (also know as CGSTL), founded in 2014, is the first commercial remote sensing satellite company in China.

Our products & services include satellite assembly and components, optical payload, satellite ground application system, satellite detecting equipment; satellite tracking, controlling and monitoring systems; remote sensing information and device maintenance services; technical consultation and services as well as other high-end customized products and services with outstanding performances.

We are equipped with a technical personnel of 400 high-level technicians specialized in related areas, with 78% having a master degree or above, 6 doctoral supervisors and 7 master ones.

We’ve always regard it as our mission to serve the 7b population on the earth with our“Sky-Space-Earth ingetration”remote sensing information products & services. We’re dedicated to building an all-round remote sensing satellite constellation system covering conventional satellite imagery, dynamic satellite video, multi-spectrum and radar. By virtue of reasonable networking, we are able to realize all-weather, all-time and all-spectrum data acquisition, to meet your commercial and market needs of various kinds.

As our future goals, we plan to complete networking of 60 satellites by 2020 and realize a 30-minute revisit to any location on the earth; complete networking of 138 satellites by 2030 and realize a 10-minute revisit to any location on the earth.

Chang Guang Satellite

Changchun, Jilin, China

Contact information

1299 Mingxi Road, Changchun, Jilin - China

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