Chang Guang Satellite

Changchun, Jilin, China


Chang Guang Satellite (also know as CGSTL), founded in 2014, is the first commercial remote sensing satellite company in China.

The CGSTL products & services include satellite assembly and components, optical payload (space camera), satellite ground application system, satellite detecting equipment; satellite tracking, controlling and monitoring systems; remote sensing information and device maintenance services; technical consultation and services as well as other high-end customised products and services.

The company facility at Jixing building include optical processing area, camera assembly and adjustment area, satellite assembly test area, camera radiation calibration area, environmental test area, stand-alone hardware production area and warehouse, etc. It has more than 200 large-scale equipment such as KM6000 space environment simulator, 1m aperture collimator, 42m high-performance air-floating vibration isolation platform, 20T electric vibration table, 1100 m3 high intensity sound reverberation chamber, and has the capacity of mass production of satellites. The CGSTL is equipped with 400 high-level specialised technicians.

The company can provide customised services for environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, housing construction, water conservancy, transportation, civil affairs, surveying and mapping industries.

Flight heritage:

Jilin-1 satellite constellation is the core project under construction by CGSTL. It is composed of 138 high performance optical remote sensing satellites covering high resolution, large width, video and multi-spectrum. As of September 2021, CGSTL has successfully sent 30 Jilin-1 satellites into space through 12 launches. Jilin-1 constellation can visit any place in the world 9~11 times a day.

Company's Mission:

The company's mission is to serve the 7b population on the earth with our "Sky-Space-Earth integration" remote sensing information products & services by building an all-round remote sensing satellite constellation system covering conventional satellite imagery, dynamic satellite video, multi-spectrum and radar.

Chang Guang Satellite

Changchun, Jilin, China

Contact information

1299 Mingxi Road, Changchun, Jilin - China

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