Data Patterns (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai, India


Data Patterns, established in 1985, has since grown beyond being a simple boutique operator to a premium design, development and manufacturing house that provides safety and mission critical high reliability electronics in the defense, aerospace and meteorological domains. With a wide offering, and significant storehouse of reusable technology, ranging from building blocks such as COTS boards and FPGAs, on to advanced Line Replaceable Units, and further to well engineered systems, Data Patterns can crash design and supply times for quality advanced solutions. Our select clientele have an eye for sophistication and excellence, and look for the best.

Data Patterns, has the largest portfolio of organically designed electronics in its class, and dare we say, the fastest growing number of intellectual property concepts in the world in this same class. Proficiency across many platforms, design standards, and environments, make it a player that can adapt quickly to demands.

Data Patterns expertise includes radar, electronic warfare, rugged displays, fire control systems, launch vehicle check-outs, data buoys, satellite and launch vehicle sub systems, and Automatic Test Equipment (ATEs) for these, and then some. Supporting software, for human and machine readable use, middle-ware and functional interfaces, besides board support packages and drivers are developed by an in-house team.

Data Patterns (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Chennai, India

Contact information

No 19, Arya Gowder Road, West Mambalam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600033 - India


Rangarajan S

Chief Executive Officer

Rekha Rangarajan


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