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  • Address: B-11A-02 Keshi Plaza, 28# Shangdi Xinxi Road
  • City: Beijing
  • Country: China
  • Postcode: 100085
  • State: 


China HEAD Aerospace Group is a service company founded in 2007. As a privately owned, fully independent, the company is referenced as a proven partner in Chinese aerospace industry with successful international collaborations experiences. The Group has a headquarter in Beijing and established our European Headquarter in February 2016, located in the Noordwijk Space Business Park, nearby ESA-ESTEC. The company operates joint-venture companies and branches in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Italy, with a new subsidiary soon in Paris.

We have established long term strategic partnerships with European industrial stakeholders in commercializing their products in China. Driving by an increasing demand in applications derived from the Earth observation and AIS technologies notably in China & neighboring countries, the group seeks international collaborations in developing a small satellite constellation and value-added services provision.


Hugo Chan

Deputy General Manager


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