Hyperion Technologies B.V.

Delft, Netherlands


Hyperion Technologies offers standard components for Cubesats and small satellites. In addition to these standard components, Hyperion Technologies offers custom design services for satellite components, which includes testing (thermal vacuum, vibration, radiation), in cooperation with partners.

Hyperion Technologies B.V.

Delft, Netherlands

Contact information

Vlinderweg 2, Delft, 2623 AX - Netherlands


Bert Monna


Steven Engelen


Alexandra Sokolowski

Business Development Manager

3-6 February, 2020

Smallsat Symposium
Mountain View, California

Meet us at booth #45

19-21 November, 2019

Space Tech Expo | Europe
Bremen, Germany

21-25 October, 2019

70th International Astronautical Congress
Washington, D.C.

3-8 August, 2019

33rd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites
Logan, UT

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