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  • City: Rome
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  • Address: C/O Tecnopolis SCARL, Via Per Casamassima, Km 3, Valenzano
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  • Address: Via Cipriano Facchinetti, 67
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IMT is a private SME, founded in 1991 and active in the space sector on two main types of activities:

  • Systems Engineering: Design and Development of Nano/Microsatellites and relevant On-board units for space commercial, scientific and defence applications.
  • Parts Engineering: Characterisation and Testing of EEE (Electrical, Electronic, Electro‐Mechanical) parts.

  • Since the first project developed by IMT, all equipment has been based on COTS technologies. Reliability levels are assured by features on architectures and testing capabilities (DPA, Radiation tests, Burn-in, etc.). Design skills are focused on: On-Board Computer, Power Distribution Unit, Battery Pack, Solar Array Deployment and Steerable mechanism (SADA), Structures.

    Major IMT customers are ASI, ESA, Thales Alenia Space, SITAEL, Leonardo Finmeccanica, OHB System, RUAG Aerospace, DSO.


  • Massimo Perelli
  • Chairman
  • Giovanni Cucinella
  • General Director


Compact Antenna Deployment

Cubesat Battery Pack

Cubesat On-Board Computer

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