• Address: 3160 Derry Road East
  • City: Mississauga
  • Country: Canada
  • Postcode: L4T 1A9
  • State: Ontario


Magellan has over 80 years of collective knowledge and experience in the aerospace industry. The organization officially adopted the name “Magellan Aerospace Corporation” in 1996; deriving it from the intrepid explorer Ferdinand Magellan. His global exploits at the turn of the 15th century established a number of firsts. Magellan’s vision was to carry this same legacy into the future of the aerospace industry.

Magellan is a manufacturer of aerospace products including aircraft engine components for commercial and military aircraft, engine nacelles, aerostructure components, sounding rockets, target systems, and small satellites. Products include precision magnesium and aluminum sand castings. Also engaged in the overhaul of military aircraft engines, gas turbines and other industrial components.


  • Eric Choi
  • Senior Business Development Manager


Command And Data Handling (CD&H) Unit

MAC-100 Microsatellite Bus

MAC-200 Small Satellite Bus


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Last updated: 2017-09-13