Address: Ashford Riv

City: Houston

Country: United States

Postcode: TX 77072


NanoRacks LLC was founded in 2009 in Houston, Texas and is the market leader in commercialized space operations on the International Space Station (ISS). The CubeSat form factor revolutionized satellite design and NanoRacks is the only company to offer commercial small satellite launches from the ISS. The NanoRacks CubeSat Deployers provide the opportunity for customers to deploy CubeSats up to 6U in size ranging from 1 to 50 kilograms. The deployment platform also allows for multiple satellites to be deployed in sequence, enhancing abilities to create CubeSat constellations. Additionally, NanoRacks has for the first time launched its External CubeSat Deployer on OA-6 that is mounted to Cygnus, and will deploy after Cygnus departs ISS. On-board the ISS, NanoRacks provides the ultimate Plug and Play microgravity research facilities, allowing standardized payloads to use a range of platforms. NanoRacks is determined to enhance space utilization in low earth orbit and beyond.


Abby Dickes


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Last updated: 2019-07-22