• Address: 2, Chemin du Moulin – BP. 11
  • City: Limeil-Brévannes
  • Country: France
  • Postcode: 94 453
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OMMIC is a supplier of MMIC circuits, Foundry Service and Epitaxial Wafers based on III-V (GaAs, GaN and InP) materials. As a leader in advanced technologies, OMMIC provides its customers with cutting edge performance for Telecommunication, Space and Defence Applications. The design and manufacturing facilities of OMMIC are based near Paris, France. The State of the Art Technologies include mixed mode E/D PHEMT, Low Noise and Power PHEMT, Metamorphic HEMT and InP DHBT allowing the design of a wide range of MMICs including LNAs from 900 MHz to 160 GHz, Highly Integrated T/R Functions and Millimetrewave Power Amplifiers. OMMIC offers Standard Products and as well as Custom Designs. OMMIC also has a long history of providing Foundry Services with Complete Design Kits, Training and Design Assistance. Hermetic and plastic packaging, test and qualification (including Space and Military) are also available.



CGY2131UH 500mW 39-44 GHz Power Amplifier

CGY2132UH 1W 37-41 GHz High Power Amplifier

CGY2133UH 1W 39-44 GHz High Power Amplifier


Last updated: 2017-12-28