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Helsinki, Finland


ReOrbit provides an advanced multi-purpose, highly software-defined satellite platform scalable from micro to large mission by being able to manage various applications and orbits (LEO, MEO, GEO and deep space), with a dedicated payload volume on the platform.

Optimised for autonomy, availability, connectivity and fault-tolerance, ReOrbit delivers a smart satellite, enabling functions such as autonomous flight, close proximity operations, docking, interconnectivity and distributed systems.

Providing satellite as a service, ReOrbit acts as an integrator of hardware systems, enabled by advanced software and simulation tools. ReOrbit manages payload development, qualification, insurance and risk management, launch service as well as ground service.


Helsinki, Finland


  • Microsatellite platforms webinar presentation(3.79 MB)

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Itälahdenkatu 22A, Helsinki, 00210 - Finland

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Last updated: 2022-03-31