SatRev S.A.

Wrocław, Poland


SatRev is a NewSpace company based in Wroclaw, Poland, offering complete nanosatellite systems and solutions, aimed at Earth-observation services.

SatRev has undertaken a number of missions and projects, including:

REC – Real-time Earth-observation Constellation
Co-funded for the first stage (8 x 6U Cubesats) to see orbit in 2023, project should decrease the costs of services 100 times compared to traditional satellites.

SOWA – 6U Cubesat platform scheduled to launch December 2021
Earth-observation enabled satellite with dual optical payload, multispectral capability, on-board AI and image processing, and capacity for external payloads. In-orbit and downstream Earth-observation services.

Innovative Earth-observation shared services missions scheduled to launch in December 2020 and June 2021 respectively. Both satellites are 3U form-factor Cubesats, that provide space and capacity for rapid in-orbit demonstration and services for external payloads.

3U Cubesat platform for scientific experiments in-orbit. Scheduled to launch in December 2020.

SteamSat-1 and AuroraSat-1
Cubesat based technology demonstrators for SatRev’s customers. Scheduled to launch in December 2020.

AMICal Sat
CubeSat based scientific mission. Auroras observations and studies. Payload provided by Grenoble University Space Centre (CSUG). Integrated into launch vehicle, expected launch date – September 2020.

1U CubeSat based Attitude control Proof of Concept. Experimental ferrofluid reaction wheel. Co-developed with AGH &UJ Universities. Deployed from ISS on July 3th 2019.

SatRev’s technology demonstration and first in house designed and developed Polish Earth Observation satellite. 4.6m GSD imaging capabilities. Deployed from ISS on July 3th 2019.

SatRev S.A.

Wrocław, Poland


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