SatRevolution S.A.

Wrocław, Poland


SatRevolution is a New Space company from Poland developing, building and launching nanosatellite-based solutions to Low-Earth orbit.

Summary of existing and upcoming projects:

SW1FT – shared platform for rapid in-orbit demonstration and services

Based on 3U Cubesat platform, this mission provides opportunity to new space industry players and educational facilities to take their payloads to orbit for a fraction of cost.


SatRevolution’s technology demonstration and first in house designed and developed Polish Earth Observation satellite. 4.6m GSD imaging capabilities. Deployed from ISS on July 3th 2019.


1U CubeSat based Attitude control Proof of Concept. Experimental ferrofluid reaction wheel. Co-developed with AGH &UJ Universities. Deployed from ISS on July 3th 2019.

AMICal Sat

2U CubeSat based science mission. Auroras observations and studies. Payload provided by Grenoble University Space Centre (CSUG). Integrated into launch vehicle, expected launch date – March 2020.


CubeSat based Earth Observation satellite technology with ground-breaking deployable mirrors optical system. 50cm GSD imaging capabilities. Basic payload of REC constellation (Real-Time Earth Observation Constellation).

MARS mission 2023

First ever Polish mission to Mars, co-developed with Virgin Orbit and consortium of Polish Universities.

Customer projects

A number of Cubesat based projects with various payloads to be designed, created and launched in 2020 and 2021.

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Last updated: 2020-06-23

SatRevolution S.A.

Wrocław, Poland

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