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SCISYS is a leading supplier of cutting-edge space software solutions and services. For the last 38 years, our expertise and dedication have successfully delivered satellite ground infrastructures, control centers, data services and user-specific applications in the on-board software, ground segment, data processing and robotics sectors. Our areas of strength include: advanced automation, monitoring & control, system modelling & simulation, data and image processing, autonomous & intelligent systems, infrastructure, data services and applications. We have long-standing and trustworthy collaborative partnerships with our customers.

SCISYS operates internationally and has established itself in numerous successful projects as a powerful entity in the European space industry. We are proud to count satellite operators, large system integrators and research organizations, as well as industry and organizations within the international space community amongst our customers. So far, SCISYS has supported over 50 national and international space missions – and counting.

SCISYS provides solutions for both the public and the private space sectors, offering an unmatched reliability based on its continued experience in space for almost four decades. A selection of topics with current SCISYS’ involvement is:

  • On-board Software: Innovative yet cost-efficient mission operational concepts in future earth observation, constellation, robotic, on-orbit-servicing and exploration missions require novel technical solutions which we offer in our products and solutions for embedded flight software.
  • Ground Segment and Control Centers: Provision of innovative, modular, turnkey solutions and advanced operational concepts for efficient and cost-effective mission operations encapsulated in our products, PLENITER® and egmc2. We continue to further develop the Galileo and EGNOS system infrastructure, as well as providing the technology partnership for its efficient long-term operation.
  • Application-Oriented Space: Development, implementation and operation of new applications and services, based on the fusion of communication, earth observation, navigation and location-based services. The increasing amount of satellite data and the processing of high data volumes require the constant development of new technical approaches focusing on automation, change detection and intelligent systems. Our 2met!® product is used by more than 70 national weather services around the world.
  • Mega-Constellations: We are providing custom-made and product tailored solutions for planning, automation and simulation to NewSpace customers, who are building large satellite constellations, such as OneWeb and Sky and Space Global.


Bristol, United Kingdom

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