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Sensonor AS



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Sensonor designs and manufactures high accuracy ITAR-free tactical grade gyro sensors, gyro modules and IMUs. The STIM210 gyro module and the STIM300 IMU is today in use with a range of spacecrafts including the ISS. Low weight, volume, cost and power consumption combined with high reliability has made the STIM gyro module the preferred solution among many spacecraft designers and manufacturers. Several new constellations and CubeSat system utilize the STIM210. More than 100 units are flying and with a mission times now surpassing 5 years. Sensonor operates its own MEMS wafer fabrication facility for production of gyro sensors. Complete control of the production processes is a key element, and a necessity, in being able to offer high performance sensors. Sensonor also operates its own assembly and testing facility.


Hans Richard Petersen



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