Spacemanic, s.r.o.

Bratislava, Slovakia


Spacemanic is small satellite mission integrator, focused on delivering innovative and reliable nanosatellite solutions, platforms, components and services. The company is very strong in the field of design, development and testing of fundamental small satellite components, such as onboard computers, power system units and solar panels. Our engineers are very experienced in the field of radio communication, and ground station design and operations. The Spacemanic transciever for UHF and S bands is very reliable and has been working in space for more than year and counting, on board the first Slovak satellite skCUBE. Our products have very good and well documented flight heritage from the CubeSat’s space mission. This includes our highly precise and bespoke sun sensors, magnetometers and magnetorquers.

Spacemanic, s.r.o.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Contact information

Zamocka 5, Bratislava, 81101 - Slovakia


Jakub Kapus

Founder & CTO

Petra Chudikova

Executive Manager

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Last updated: 2020-12-17